About Us

The Christmas Pickle Tradition, LLC is a Philadelphia based company started in 2013 by the book's author, Tammy Dwyer, who is also the founder and owner of The Giving Tree Daycare facilities in Philadelphia. That same year, Jane Simons (an events and business process guru) and Melinda Engel (Children's Marketing & PR wiz) joined the team - and the rest is history!

TAMMY DWYER - "I wanted to create a wonderful product, but I knew I couldn't do it alone. Jane and Melinda bring their own expertise to the company and round out the team. They are also super fun, hard working women. It's been a wild ride, and we're having a great time."  

JANE SIMONS - The Pickle Team soon set up shop in an unused room in one of Tammy's daycare facilities. "We decorated the walls with red, gold and green duct tape stripes and painted wood letters that said Pickle.  We met after work and on weekends, while balancing our own, full-time jobs. But, we loved it.  It was our version of the garage start-up!"

MELINDA ENGEL - Between 7 kids and three full-time jobs the team met regularly to keep the momentum going, "We had such a big learning curve. Manufacturing, shipping and commerce were just a few of our hurdles. Now we feel like we can tackle the world." 



Tammy Lee Dwyer - the Author of The Christmas Pickle Tradition, is founder and owner of The Giving Tree Daycare facilities in Philadelphia. She is also the mom of 3 energetic kiddos (plus a Boston Terrier named Taco), and an accidental writer. Her creativity and love of children was her inspiration in writing The Christmas Pickle Tradition. To read more about the author, click here.

Melinda Engel - is a PR guru, owner of CooperHudson PR, Associate Publisher of Philadelphia Family Magazine and a mom of 2 handsome boys. Melinda believes in getting children involved in philanthropy at young age.  Originally from Allentown, PA, Melinda has also lived in Beijing and New York City. You can find her at nearly every children’s event in the Philadelphia area, or teaching healthy nutrition habits to kids.

Jane Simons - is a higher-ed industry professional working at the Wharton Business School, a mom of 2 spirited tots plus 1 silly golden doodle, and an event planning expert. Jane is creative, fun, and always positive and immerses herself in her kids’ lives by being a very active volunteer at their school, planning community building initiatives. Emigrating from Ukraine when a child, Jane's (whose real name is Yevgeniya) favorite experiences are creating fun traditions for her family.

 Illustrator Bio

Tom Newson - Tom produced the black and white sketches of the entire book and cover art. He has illustrated a number of children's books, including I Sailed with Columbus and Seven Stories of Christmas Love. Tom lives in Colorado with his wife Carol and two sons, Andy and Philip, who are both artists like their parents.  Check out his work here http://www.newsomart.com/

Eduardo Paj - Eduardo utilized Tom Newsom's original sketches and added his own touch to produce our final colored spreads. Eduardo is a digital artist that lives in Querétaro , Mexico with his wife and son. He is also the owner of http://www.kids-n-kids.comCheck out his work here https://www.behance.net/eduardopaj

Pickle Partners

It took many elves to bring The Christmas Pickle Tradition to life. With gratitude for their contribution, we would like to acknowledge the following partners: 

Liz Choi – GiveMeFive.com

Simone Kaplan – Editor  http://www.picturebookpeople.com

Scott Conover – Graphic Artist and Box Designer

Stephanie Bart-Horvath – Art Director

Catie Wilson – Story Developer

Juliana Weiss - Weiss-Roessler Writing / Copy editor

Andrea H. Curley - Copy editor

Libbi Skivo - Box Design Contributor