Where can I purchase?
We sell exclusively on Amazon!
Can I order from an international address?
We currently ship direct only in the US. 
My package did not arrive – what should I do?
Please contact sales@pickleelf.com.
Do you accept returns?
We do not accept returns unless there is a problem with your order.
Where can I find your Privacy Policy & Terms of Service?
You can find a link to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service on our home page. Or by clicking the links below:

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Pickle Questions:
What do I do with my Pickle ornament? 
On Christmas Eve, read the story of Pickle Elf with your children. The children should then leave the Pickle by Santa’s cookies so that Santa can hide it on the tree. In the morning, they will embark on a search for the Pickle (without using their hands to touch the tree!). The first child to spot the Pickle will receive a special gift from Santa, and will write his or her name on the Annual Pickle Finder to uphold the title until next year!
What do you suggest the special prize be for the child who finds the Pickle first?
Anything!  We suggest making this as easy as you can on yourself (we’re parents also, so we know how hectic Christmas can be). Remember, this is just a token from Santa. It can be anything from a small stuffed animal, a pack of gum or cash for the older kids (yes, we have college kids playing). We have created a great tag that you can place on the present. And you can download that here. Annual Pickle Finder Tag
If you have a great idea for a present, please let our community know. We’re always looking to pass on great ideas. Click here to access our blog.