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 EMBARGO: November 14

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The Pickle Elf Is Making a Big Dill by Celebrating
National Pickle Day with The Christmas Pickle Tradition


The Christmas Pickle Tradition gift set is comprised of a beautifully illustrated storybook and pickle ornament, an ideal keepsake to treasure for years to come


Philadelphia, PA.  November 14, 2015 –Bread and Butter, Dill, Gherkin, Cornichon, Christmas…yes, Christmas Pickles! In honor of today being National Pickle Day, the Pickle Elf has announced the newest pickle in town, The Christmas Pickle Tradition, just in time for Christmas! The holiday tradition of hanging a pickle ornament on a Christmas tree has been around for over 100 years and is celebrated in homes across the world. Legend says that the first child to find the pickle on Christmas morning has the honor of opening the first present – an extra gift from St. Nick. There are many versions of how this tradition came to be, but until now, no one knew how it all started!


Tammy Lee Dwyer, author of the Christmas Pickle Tradition, set out to formalize the tradition with her own spin on this beloved ritual and give it a rightful place in history. It all began when she was shopping with her son one day and came across pickle ornaments for his friends and classmates.  Hearkening back to her own childhood, Tammy went in search of a storybook explaining the background story. However, she couldn’t find one. Thus, the Christmas Pickle Tradition Keepsake gift set was born.


“Christmas is such a special time of year and it is a chance to teach children the merits of giving,” explains Tammy Lee Dwyer, author and creator of The Christmas Pickle Tradition.  “We are passionate about keeping the spirit of giving alive! Children everywhere look forward to reading the story and then leaving the pickle ornament alongside milk and cookies for Santa. They can’t wait to see where he hides the ornament and who will be clever enough to find it first!” 


The Christmas Pickle Tradition gift set comes with a beautiful pickle ornament, a richly illustrated storybook, as well as a ledger to keep track of the best pickle-finders in the family, year after year.  The story tells of an elf named Pickle and how he believes that, “Christmas is supposed to be about having fun and getting what you want!” instead of working hard in the shop creating toys for children. Everything changes after Santa assigns him a “wish” from a child and he learns that giving is even more magical than receiving. 


Available online, The Christmas Pickle Tradition retails for $29.99. Learn more at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for lots of holiday fun!


About The Christmas Pickle Tradition

Tammy Lee Dwyer, author and mompreneur created The Christmas Pickle Tradition with the true meaning of Christmas in mind. Through her thoughtful concept, she wanted to instill the importance of giving in her children’s lives and simplify the hustle and bustle that goes on during the holidays by getting back to the most basic principle of the holidays – the act of giving. Tammy lives with her husband and two children outside of Philadelphia and she celebrates Christmas and giving all year long! For more information and to purchase, please visit